My Mum Is A Pornstar

Mother/Daughter team bringing sex education with a humorous bogan twist. The sex talks your parents "should have had" with you. Only thing is -Maz has conservative views and her mum is a PORNSTAR! Discover all the things you didn't realise you didn't know, while Miss Honey Analverkehr shares the stories no one wants to hear about their parents.


Tuesday Jun 16, 2020

Everyone knows how to use a condom, right? You just roll it on?
Actually, no.
In this episode Miss Honey Analverkehr covers some of the dos and don'ts of condom use. Why people sometimes still get pregnant or an STI even though they used a condom.
Also how to use a female condom and why you should use female condoms (AKA internal condoms)
You never knew how little you know about using condoms until you listen to this!

My Mum Went To Sex Camp

Tuesday Jun 09, 2020

Tuesday Jun 09, 2020

Maz isnt impressed her Mum went to Sex Camp, but Honey loved it so much she cant stop talking about it!
What IS Sex Camp? What happens there? And how long does Honey intend to keep doing porn?

Tuesday Jun 02, 2020

Meet Maz and her mum, the Aussie pornstar Miss Honey Analverkehr.
Learn about Maz's upbringing, from Honey's attempts to educate her about sex in a pre-internet era to THOSE awkward moments when you can HEAR your parents having sex!
How do you navigate that in a sex positive household? How do you deal with with the things you failed to teach your kids about sex when you thought you had been thorough? How does Maz feel about her Mum doing porn?

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